King's Kids Ministry

Our Mission
To provide a safe and secure environment where children (3 yrs. - Kindergarten) and their families can learn about Jesus in an exciting, fun manner while growing into lifelong followers of Christ. We believe in ministering to the total family by planting seeds of encouragement, watering them with love, and cultivating a genuine relationship with God through Bible Study, crafts, games, music, and more!


But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever!”

II Peter 3:18

Protection Policies

 The protection of our children is of utmost importance.  The following steps are taking to ensure your child is protected while at FWC:

  • Background checks are run on each volunteer
  • There will be 2 leaders in the room
  • Only those indicated on registration form are allowed to pick up child

 Healthy Child Efforts

We want to make sure each child is safe.  In light of the current flu epidemic, please follow these precautions to keep all children healthy.

Please keep your child home if they have:

  • A fever. That is defined as a temperature of 100 or greater.  A child should be fever-free (less than 99°) for MORE THAN 24 hours before going to church.
        *Fevers “spike” mid-day,  so if a child has a low fever (99°) in the morning, keep him/her home.
        *Recurrent, low-grade fevers should be evaluated by the doctor to determine the source of the infection and if the student is contagious.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea.  A child should not have thrown-up or had diarrhea for 24 hours before going to church.
  • Starting on antibiotics. A child is contagious until they have been on antibiotic for 24 hours.
  • Yellow or green mucous.  Whether it is blown out or coughed up, colorful mucous indicates infection.  A  physician should evaluate the child because they may need antibiotics
  • Crusty, red, or runny eyes. A child with these symptoms needs to be evaluated by a doctor for possible conjunctivitis.  If bacterial conjunctivitis is diagnosed, the child will need antibiotic eye drops.

We have mounted antibacterial wall pumps strategically throughout the building.  Feel free to utilize them while here for you and your child.